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Last event before departure!

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Well, it’s here.  This Saturday we are throwing a huge garage sale in Comox, BC!  We have been collecting items from donors the last few weeks and will assemble them in one large room for you to rummage through THIS SATURDAY, MAY 23rd from 7am to 1pm @ Bay Community Church on Pritchard Road.

The COOL thing is that you get to come take whatever you want, and just asked to leave a donation you are comfortable with at the door.  We will not price any items in the garage sale.

This weekend is my last weekend in the Comox Valley as well and so I hope that even if you are not coming to buy anything you would be able to come out for the free coffee and so that I can see you before I have to leave.  

I am really going to miss everyone and everything.  I think it is easier to do this kind of overseas work when you are very young, because I am finding that as I get older I am getting more attached to my family and home.  Nonetheless, I am still VERY excited to be moving to Tanzania this year.  I promise to keep any of you who are interested, updated.

See you SATURDAY if you can make it!   If you have any items you would like to donate to the garage sale you can drop them off on Friday between 6pm and 8pm or call 250-339-6404 for a pick up before 9pm on Thursday the 21st.


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