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Leaving on a jet plane…

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The time has come for me to shift to the wonderful country that captured my heart years ago.  I will be moving to Tanzania for as long as it is required, but with a year as a first commitment.  During that year I will be serving the communities and their libraries as I am needed.  There is a lot to look forward to and I will be sure to keep everyone updated with a post here and there, as the internet connection allows it.

Keep the libraries and their communities and even me in your prayers and thoughts as we are all looking at a year of transition and growth.  This will be my last post until I arrive in Tanzania and have more to share!  Until then stay well.

$70 for the library!

$70 for the library!

Sat May 23rd we had the garage sale and bottle drive for the Chamazi Library.  Here is Jen, an ACTS summer staff member, and myself showing off the money raised from the bottles that were donated.


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