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It has been a super busy summer!  I actually didn’t realize that it is the end of September already!  I do not have much time and so this will be quick and to the point.

June, had super fun hanging with Jamie and Dan from Trinity Western University.  They were here for a couple weeks, staying at my house, getting ready for their volunteer program that started first week of July.  They had a team of ten students, half Canadian and half Tanzanian.  They were all volunteering around Tanga town for a month and by the sounds of it and from what I saw (which was only a bit since I was out of town a lot) they were a HUGE help around town.  From working at hospitals, schools and orphanages they were well appreciated (both the Canadians and Tanzanians).  I miss having them around though… It’s a bit lonely without them all here together.

July, I spent two weeks with Kathy and Mona from Vancouver.  Two AMAZING library employees who came to volunteer at the Kwekitui and Chamazi library.  We spent most of our time cataloguing, classifying and repairing books.  I was learning so much from these two ladies while they were here.  Thank you thank you… I any librarians ever want to come to one of our librarians… you are SOOO welcome 🙂  We need you.

August… Ohhhh what do I say about August.  There was a LOT happening.  Between the conference I was organizing with the librarian at Kwekitui and the Pan African conference that we attended in Dar es Salaam that same week, by he middle of August I was one sick puppy.  BOTH conferences were AMAZING with super sessions with tons of awesome ideas.  I will have to give more details later on!

Since mid August I have been visiting Chamazi a few times but I really have spent a lot of time healing from a bad infection.  Rodgers came with me to Chamazi and together we sat with the librarian there, Jacob, and made some action plans on next steps to take for the Chamazi library.  Stay tuned for those details as well…

Soon I will take off to Moshi to visit with a board that has been assembled to build a community library in a small village.  It’s super exciting because they have even already fundraised all their money for it, and locally here in Tanzania to boot!  Amaaaazing!  Love it.

More later!


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