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Kwekitui, Chamazi, Nkuu Ndoo and Uganda

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Greetings finally!  Been a LONG while since I have had a chance to update the blog.  So sorry about that, really.  I was going to get internet at home but had to delay it until I move into a new place.  There has been some personal security issues and so I will also avoid giving many specific details as to where I will be when and such.  I know it sounds silly to everyone back home in safe ol’ Canada… Bare with me 🙂

As you may have noticed from the new page titled “Nkuu Ndoo Library” I visited a village near Mt Kilimanjaro in September and have become involved in another community library set to start ASAP.  I was very impressed with the group I met with and I am so excited to see this project begin.  There is talk of even having half the building be a museum since a group of active community members have been collecting Chaga artifacts for some months and would like to open a museum in their community, it makes sense to all of use to partner together.

At some point soon I will be visiting the UTRT libraries in Uganda.  I am super excited to see them and everyone involved in them.  I met some of the librarians at the Kwekitui Librarian’s Conference last August.  Very impressive group of people 🙂  I’ll let you know after the trip how things go.

At the Chamazi library we have a group of Canada World Youth volunteers!  I have not had a chance to visit them yet but have been getting updates from various people involved 🙂  Just last week they hosted a Reading Day at the library and invited the community to get involved.  Some of the Canadian volunteers also found funding from Canada to purchase more books! $2000.  Impressive.  I love it.

Kwekitui’s update is that Rogers has been working on a few publications 🙂  He is becoming an author.  His books will be first published in Swahili, then translated into English.  He has also been asked to get involved in the Nkuu Ndoo Library.  He will be visiting the village very soon and meeting with the board to discuss mobilizing all the required things to get this library built and up and running.  Awesome work Rogers.  Awesome.

That’s it for now.  Feel free to keep in touch via snail mail as internet comes and goes for me.  My mailing address is Sarah Switzer, C/O Harjeet Singh, PO Box 1452, Tanga, Tanzania, East Africa.  If you send me a letter or postcard I promise you I will write back 🙂  Just don’t forget to include your return address on the mail 🙂


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