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Christmas is coming

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Christmas IS coming… very quietly.  Here I am sweating in the heat of the hot season while my family is shivering in the darks depths of winter.  I guess that means I am on the other side of the world for Christmas.

Lately I have been helping out an NGO with some literature editing and some pamphlets to promote some eco-tourism in their village.  They are doing a wonderful job and I have been having a lot of fun helping them out.

I have been taking this quiet time to get more settled into a more permanent life here in Tanzania… Learning to cook with no electricity sometimes, sweeping with a short broom (when I have a bit of a bad back), bartering for my vegetables once a week and wishing they would just give me the price we both know it should be, training my Swahili dog to sit, lie down, stay, and attach thieves, looking for a new place to live (the house I am in now leaks gallons of water 3 feet away from my head while I am sleeping), and trying as hard as I can to master my Swahili.  This list goes on, and of course changes every day.  In short I am loving life, the good and the bad, putting my faith in the promises of a good God.

I will have some visitors here for Christmas which is the best blessing in the world!  Two very dear family friends that my family has known for years and years.  We will have turkey, Christmas tree, and all that fun stuff.  I bought fabric and designed some Christmas stockings, which are now stitched and look fabulous!  While they are visiting we are going to find some time to visit the Kwekitui Library.  They are bringing some books hopefully, which will be a wonderful Christmas blessing for the library 🙂

Other than that, I am just preparing to head to Uganda for some time.  I am super excited about it and will be sure to keep you all updated.  I will be visiting the Under The Reading Tree libraries.  I am not sure if many know this but I am a Director with Under The Reading Tree.  There are a few of us Directors and we work together to support three libraries in Uganda and one in Tanzania (Kwekitui).  It is a lot of super fun and I just think it is the greatest to be able to commit myself full time to community library development in East Africa!


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