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Looks like rain…

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“Looks like rain”… with that comes mixed feelings.  We definitely need it here in Tanzania these days.  Water shortages have an impact on SO many sectors and lives here, even my own.  Here in Tanga there have been power and water cuts DAILY for months now.  Tanga relies on hydro electricity and so if there is a water shortage they have to balance the cuts of water and power so that we are not always without both.  On the other hand, when drought occurs in Tanzania we also have to consider how it is impacting local farming.  When crops fail, Tanzania is forced to import more than usual, making food prices very high, especially in areas that are far from ports that are doing the import.

But I DID say that RAIN comes with mixed feelings.  Lately the rain storms that we have been getting come with plenty of lightening and thunder.  The storms, even though they are giving us more rain for power, leave us without power because of the electric storms.  Funny eh?  Sigh.

I only chose to share a bit of this with you because as I am sitting in the internet cafe I have a view of the menacing clouds overhead… black, thick, and so low down to us it seems that if they were to come down much closer they would crush us (they just look so heavy when they’re so black and thick).

As for LIBRARY updates, Chamazi is fairing well.  I am hoping to see the librarian there enroll in the library courses at the Tanzania Library Services Board very soon.  They are taking applications right now, so if we miss this “semester” the next one will be probably in no less than six months from now.  We are working on building the shelves here in Tanga town as wood is very pricy in Dar es Salaam.  THEN we just need more books to fill all the lovely shelves.

Kwekitui is doing great! I went there on boxing day with some family friends who were visiting from Egypt, but are actually from my home town, Comox, BC.  School was on vacation and so it was very quiet, which was kind of magical 🙂  The garden that Rogers planted last summer is doing SO well with all this vicious rain the past month.  They are up in the mountains so it tends to rain on them much more than down here on the coast.

As for the proposed library in Nkuu Ndoo, we are waiting to round up a group of volunteers (we are considering and waiting on a few options) so that we can set a date to begin construction.  It is also tough to decide on an engineer for the construction… We hope that the engineer will be very good at what he/she does, but can consider that it is a community project when quoting us his/her price.  Hopefully the engineer will also be really eager to work with unskilled volunteers (it requires a bit of patience and organization).

On another note, I have been contacted by another community library that is thriving way inland, near Kigoma!  It is VERY exciting.  I can’t wait to get to know just how many more of these community libraries exist in Tanzania!  Hopefully soon we will be able to establish the Tanzania Community Library Association… We just need to find a few more libraries 🙂

That is all for now.  More later….


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