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So far after one week in Uganda

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Well, I spent the first three days involved in some workshops organized by Uganda Community Library Association. These were held at the Kabbubu Community Library just outside Kampala. It was AWESOME! There were over 40 community libraries, all from Uganda, represented there.

I am amazed at how developed the community libraries are in Uganda! It is so encouraging. Tanzania can learn a lot from their northern neighbor.

This week I will be visiting the Under The Reading Tree libraries, doing some training on blogging, photography, viedography and reporting. I am super excited and am just LOVING Uganda!

I must say that coming to a country where SO MANY people speak English makes getting things done much easier. I realize now just how big the challenge is to be working in Tanzania where English is not well-spoken. If you want to work in Tanzania it is almost essential to be able to have at minimum a simple conversation in Swahili.

Well, I will provide another update soon! Talk to you soon!


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