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Caezaria Community Library, Uganda

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I took a visit out to the library known as Buikwe.  Francis and his family were wonderfully friendly hosts and had me stay in their home for the night I spent there.

We spent an afternoon in the library, discussing various programs and activities that have been going on in the library.  We also got to know some of the challenges that the library is facing, such as a need to improve an outside wall with some plaster and the need to replace two shelves that have been eaten by termites.

The library is full of color and many readers.  Children visit the library during their lunch break, as well as in the evenings for studying quietly with the provided text books.

We at Under The Reading Tree are very proud to be sponsoring this wonderful work, and look forward to seeing the positive impacts that books and a quiet space can have on a community.


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  1. kigobe francis says:

    Sarah thanks for message .on 15/9/2010, Caezaria library launched book week festival and internet at the library premise in Buikwe, caezaria is now connected .Grace musoke represented; UTRT, director NLU and ugcla.THE INTERNET WAS FUNDED BY HOLIZOONT 3000.Thanks to madam Liro, Gertrude of NLU,and UTRT FOR THE GREAT CONTRIBUTION TOWARDS THE SUCCES OF THIS FUNCTION

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