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It’s been hard to post lately with the internet problems of Tanga looming over my head. I apologize. Hopefully this year that will be fixed. I saw that they are digging a big long trench to lay down some fibre-optic cable that comes bearing good news of high speed! I experienced this high speed in Uganda and I so EXCITED to see it on its way here. That’s the rumor at least. I hope it’s true.

The latest from Tanga is that a few of us have been taking the baby steps forward with establishing a community library association for Tanzania. Just today I sent out a “feeler” email to those I know who are involved or interested in libraries in East Africa in general. I hope to have a good response and will keep you updated as to how it all goes. For more information regarding it, click on TaCLA on the main menu above.

I am hoping to visit Kwekitui Community Library next week, before departing for the south. I have not been to the library since December as funding has run out, thereby making it impossible for me to afford the bus tickets, hotels, food, etc. Quite upsetting. I have however, as you know, been meeting with the librarian often and in conversation via email and phone. Things are going very well there. Rodgers, the librarian, has recently discovered another small library situated in a nearby village and has already gone to visit! He is in conversation with those involved with its establishment about developing a community learning centre in Mbelei trading centre. SUPER job Rodgers!

As for Chamazi, I am on my way there next weekend. They have painted the building and I have yet to see it. I will post photos as soon as I can. We are working on shelving still… Wood prices have been horrible but we are hoping to receive a fair price here in Tanga this week and bring a few shelves down next week.

One thing that looms ahead is my trip back to Canada for a visit. I will be arriving in Canada in the first week of May and will spend only a short time with family before I must begin my job. The job takes me until mid August, when I expect to be returning to Tanzania. I hope to fundraise a generous amount of support while in Canada. If any of you would like to host an event to help fundraise for Kwekitui or Chamazi community libraries, I and especially those communities would appreciate it so much. We need you. We are few, and the needs are many.

I hope to see some of your friendly supportive faces in Canada! Many blessings šŸ™‚


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