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The Kwekitui Library is situated in a very rural community in the Usambaara Mountains. It is a small library filled mainly with textbooks, children’s fiction, children’s non-fiction.

It is managed by Tanga Youth Development Association (TAYODEA) in partnership with the local village council. There is one librarian, Rogers, who is a young man very dedicated to the job. He has also hired an assistant librarian by the name of Paris.

The library was originally sponsored by Africa Community Technical Service (ACTS) and was adopted by Under The Reading Tree (UTRT) for an interim of 3 years until Tayodea has organized its resources to be able to take over paying their Tayodea member, the librarian, Rogers Shelukindo. The library has been equipped with solar panels from UTRT and is now up and running with electricity.  They now can keep their doors open after sunset and can provide cell phone charging for a community that has no power (but a lot of cell phones!).

In July 2009 Rogers planted a garden outside the library full of banana trees, fir trees and grasses and named it after a very special library helper, Kathy Yeo.  It is one way he would like to show how much he appreciates all the advice and expertise she has provided for our little village library up in the Usambaara Mountains.



  1. kyeo2 says:

    One solar panel has been installed. The primary school next door has grown from 300 to 700 students and the library is well used by the community, with former students walking an hour to get there.

  2. kyeo2 says:

    We did storytimes when we were there and met the adult literacy class too. Did you know the African violet was discovered in the Usambaara mountains?

  3. kigobe francis says:

    Ketty Parry plants a tree in kuekitui ,to me it is a measure of reader ship as it grows more readers are likely to yearn for its shed.

  4. kyeo2 says:

    The students read under the shade of the banana trees. Well done to the librarian, assistant and student assistants. “It takes a village to raise a child.”

  5. Nzanga Mwanjela says:

    It is good library and the Librarian, Roger Himself should be supported as to stimulate him in doing his job perfectly

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