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We have began to work towards establishing a Tanzania Community Library Association.  This group will be a sister group of Uganda Community Library Association, which was established in 2007.  The impact of their work has made a great impact on the community library developments across Uganda.  Libraries who have become members have voiced their appreciation for its existence.  For more information of how UgCLA works please visit their website by clicking HERE.

Following are community libraries we are aware of around the country.  If you can contribute any information to our list please email us at maktaba4afrika@yahoo.ca.

1 – Bukoba Community Library, Bukoba, Kagera, North Western Tanzania

2 – Chalula Community Library, Chalula, Dodoma

3 – Chamazi Community Library, Chamazi, 25 km south of Dar es Salaam

4 – Karatu Community Primary School Library, Karatu, Manyara

5 – Kabanga Community Library, Kasulu, Kigoma, Western Tanzania

6 – Kwekitui Community Primary School Library, Kwekitui, Lushoto District, Northern Tanzania

7 – Chuyodo Community Library, Karakana, Zanzibar.

8 – Mwamko Learning Resource Centre, Isenye, Serengeti.

9 – Kisiwani Library, Tumbatu, Gomani, Zanzibar.

10 – Tanzania Book Support Trust, 5 libraries (Mvomero, Mbinga, Namtumbo, Masasi, Newala)

11 – Women and Girls Rights Community Info Centre, Kizoto Area, Block A #44, Mwanga, Kusini Ward.

12 – Nyanda Reading Plan, Kasang’hwa Chikobe – Geita, Mwanza.

13 – Katunka & Kayanda’s Library, Nguruka, Kigoma.

14 – Welezo Community Library, Welezo, Zanzibar.

15 – Jumkiako Library, Uroa, Zanzibar.

16 – Zaffide Library, Mwana Kwerekwe, Zanzibar.

17 – Fumba Community Library, Fumba, Zanzibar.

18 – Hamasika Library, Usangi, Mwanga District.

19 – Haki Elimu Library, Dar es Salaam.

20 – COSETA Library, Tandika, Temeke, Dar es Salaam.

21 – Jifundishe Library, Meru, Tanzania.

22 – Mibanda Community Library, Uvinza, Kigoma.

23 – Turiani Community Library, Morogoro, Mvomero District.

24 – Women Group Community Library, Zanzibar, Kiemba-Samaki.

25 – Zaudo Library, Mpendai, Zanzibar.

26 – Nkweshoo Community Library, Nkweshoo, Nkuu Ndoo, Machame, Nearby Moshi



  1. Mussa Msengi Gunda says:

    Dear All,

    I am happy to hear about this Libraries but there are many unknown.

    The Kabanga Community Library known as “Gunda Foundation Tanzania”.

    It will be good if we can get an overviews of tjose libraries mentioned above and that will help others to determine which is which and where and what they are doing with their successess.



  2. Agnes Mangweha says:

    Yes, Gunda is right. There are many community libraries established by Friends of Education in different places in the country. Please contact Community Engagement Unit at HakiElimu (e-mail: rafiki@hakielimu.org)

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